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A Note from Neal

A Note from Neal: Part IV of Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Replacement Therapy

For years Part III attendees have lamented, “So is that all there is? Can’t there be more? And can it be somewhere besides SLC?” OK, fine, so here’s Part IV. And we’ll go to another city. Although there are new articles, research, updates, literature critiques, and sarcasm (of course), the majority of this course will be problem solving, case management, mistakes to avoid, and tricks of the trade. The audience will consist of those with significant experience, questions, and issues which makes for an excellent experience for both me and participants, as we all learn from patients and ourselves. Extensive literature review in Parts I, II, & III have not allowed me to present all the interesting and complicated cases and situations that I have encountered in the last 15 years of practice. So bring your tough cases, comments, thoughts, and ideas and have another fun weekend with your talented peers. This will be a collection of the most talented and experienced physicians in this industry. Enjoy.

– Neal

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