About Us: Our Story

Since WorldLink Medical’s beginning in 1998, we've focused on teaching practitioners the best in bioidentical hormone practices. As the popularity of WorldLink Medical courses grew, our leading educator Neal Rouzier, MD collected new research and complex studies to help practitioners confront BHRT complexities. Our attendees tell us these are the best courses they've ever attended and that the experience at WorldLink is life changing for themselves and their patients. We also knew there was more to keeping patients healthy than hormones, so we committed to offer additional training beyond BHRT focused on helping practitioners to transform patient lives.

Our Vision

Too many people today are treated for chronic diseases that could have been avoided. We seek to build a world that focuses on disease prevention instead of disease management. We imagine a world where healthcare industry leaders actively mentor practitioners who want to master the Science of Medicine and the Art of Caring. We support the development of such a world with structured, interactive learning programs that cause healthful transformations and long-term changes for individuals and communities.

The Science - The Art - The Experience