The Art of Caring in Medicine


20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits, 20 Nursing Contact Hours, 20 Hours Pharmacy CE

“Even the best practitioners of pure science are incomplete physicians. To be complete physicians we must appreciate and excel in the art of medicine. To be complete healers we must appreciate and excel in the art of caring.” –Richard Colgan, M.D.

It is our mission at WorldLink Medical to provide you with the best education programs in the Science of Medicine, such as our critically acclaimed BHRT courses. We also know that the best medicine isn’t just about science. Over the past 50 years, evidence-based medicine, electronic communications, availability of information on the internet, cost control, and societal trends have radically changed and impacted every aspect of medical care. In spite of all these changes, the importance of the practitioner-patient relationship remains a constant.

In fact, the complaints voiced by patients and their loved ones are seldom about the dearth of technology but about its excesses. Our computer generated record and image of the patient, or the “virtual patient,” threatens to become the main focus of our attention while the real patient is neglected.

We know that patients are more than a collection of cells, organs and systems. They come with physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. In other words, they are human beings. Furthermore, each patient is also unique, a fact not to be taken lightly in the practice of medicine.

The best medicine, then, values something in addition to the scientific methods. We call it the Art of Caring, and it affects all areas of healthcare: clinical outcomes, quality, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, provider satisfaction, reputation, physician referrals and ultimately the bottom line. The best practitioners seek to achieve a balance between science and art, logic and imagination. Enter this new path on your journey by experiencing the Art of Caring course.

This course is highly experiential, intended to engage, stimulate and challenge your beliefs in an immersive learning environment. This intensive 2.5-day session takes advantage of multiple learning modalities and settings: classroom, hands-on, group, indoor/outdoor, self-assessment, “homework,” games, role-playing, nature and more. The Art of Caring is not for the faint of heart—it is for the courageous of heart who want to differentiate their practice by optimizing patient outcomes, maximizing patient loyalty and improving professional satisfaction and income.

Course Topics:

  • The Insightful Practitioner: Exploring self-awareness, values and behavior
  • Patient-Centric Care: Forget everything you thought you knew and ask the patient
  • Holistic Medicine: Why you can’t care for one human dimension while ignoring the rest
  • The Patient-Provider Relationship: The one constant in a sea of change
  • The Artist of Caring: Compassion, empathy, gratitude, humility and respect
  • Communication: Let’s be perfectly clear
  • Narrative Medicine: The stories we make and the stories that make us who we are
  • Motivational Interviewing & Therapeutic Talk: Evidence-based tools to facilitate patient change
  • The Patient Experience: Implementing memorable and transformative patient experience techniques in your practice
  • The ‘REALMS’ to Sustaining Healthy Lifestyles: Principles and practices to help the patient stay the course
  • The Caregiver as Change Agent: Guiding patient transformation through hope, belief, vision, direction, support, motivation and inspiration