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Is our Therapy Evidence Based? Hormone Facts you Should Know but Probably Don’t.


Hormone Facts You Should Know But Probably  Don’t

 By Neal Rouzier, MD

Recently the medical community has undergone criticism for journalistic articles and medical studies that promote one drug or treatment over another. There are often political or economic gains behind the purpose or results of the studies, which leads to inappropriate and biased conclusions or recommendations in these…

A Note from Neal on Worldlink’s Newest Event

My Fellow Colleagues,

My Fellow Colleagues, The agenda, schedule, faculty, location and amenities for the new Worldlink Medical Course have finally come to fruition. Many of you asked for a Part V and many others asked for different topics related to lifestyle, preventive medicine, vitamins and supplements, and perhaps something beyond just hormones. So Dana Burnett has put together…

Press Release: Neal Rouzier M.D. Wins Alan P. Mintz Award in Age Management Medicine

Press Release: Neal Rouzier M.D. wins Prestigious Alan P. Mintz Award in Age Management Medicine
Winners exemplify clinical excellence in age management medicine and represent superior patient care, healthy living, better quality of life and entrepreneurship. 

Salt Lake City, Utah – November 10, 2014 – Worldlink Medical is pleased to announce their lead instructor Neal Rouzier, M.D. as the…

Neal Rouzier, MD Webinar Series – Recent literature review of hormones and breast cancer and levels needed to protect against breast cancer.


Dr. Rouzier will be discussing: Case review of lab values for HRT in women, or how to adjust and why. Recent updates in reference ranges, why and what to do about them. Critique of two studies, one showing an increased estrogen level is associated with an increase in breast cancer risk, the other showing a prevention of breast cancer with…

A Note from Neal on Part III: Fun, Fast, & Furious

Dear Colleagues,
Over the past 12 years of teaching HRT courses I have tried to modify the content to be what I thought best as far as practicing HRT.  Part I begins with the didactic, evidence-based approach to demonstrate what we do and why we do it, based on the medical literature.  Day two is designed to get you…

Neal Rouzier, MD Webinar Series — Testosterone Lab Tests and What to Do With the Results


Dr. Rouzier will be discussing: Testosterone Lab Tests and What to Do With the Results — How to protect your medical practice from your peers, attorneys, and medical boards, which includes:

A review of most recent cases defended
The trials and tribulations
Things you should know and document
The do’s and don’ts of prescribing testosterone
A review of the new consent form for testosterone

Metformin and its Other Implications in Addition to Insulin Resistance.

Dr. Ramsey will be discussing the mechanism of action of Metformin and its emerging interest in the treatment and prevention of cancer.
Earlier articles will be discussed during this webinar while more recent articles will be discussed at level V this year in October. To gain knowledge of the suggested evidence that metformin has added benefits in the clinical setting beyond regulating…

Narrative Medicine: Integrating your patients’ stories with the science of medicine

Human beings are hard-wired to hear and tell stories, and to use stories to communicate complex ideas, emotions, and experiences. Stories teach us values, they emphasize connections and connectedness. Learning to truly listen to your patients’ stories is the essence of narrative medicine. The language of evidence-based medicine is too often complex and opaque. In short, it lacks the narrative…

Unmasking the Crazy-Hormones and Anxiety

How many of us have started a patient on hormones only to be surprised by unanticipated, new, awful, frightening, and frustrating anxiety disorders, panic attacks and their often disabling symptoms. What happened? This lecture explores the mechanisms by which underlying, unexposed anxiety issues can be manifested after the addition of hormones.

Rob Kominiarek, DO

Osteopathic Physician
Medical Advisor and Director

PROGESTERONE – Are Your Patients’ Serum Levels Dropping?


Dear Neal,

Has there been any progress on new reference ranges on progesterone? My patients are coming back with levels of 2-5 ng/mL which was confusing to me until I read on the forum about the reagent. I’d appreciate any update.

Based on looking at many recent tests, I think the new range should be at least >2. Still working…