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Neal Rouzier, MD Mini Webinar Two-Part Series – What you Should Know Before Prescribing Testosterone along with the Current Legal Climate for Prescribing and Documenting

Part 1 and 2 include – What you Should Know Before Prescribing Testosterone along with the Current Legal Climate for Prescribing and Documenting. For a copy of Part 1 and or Part 2, please fill out the form and look for an email containing a link for the webinars.

A Note from Neal: What To Expect at the Part II BHRT Course


Dear Colleagues,
You will find a new level of confidence as you move from the basics of Part I to the advanced protocols in Part II. The Part II course provides the experienced practitioner with training that is essential for mastering complex cases. The course will serve as a short refresher, but will highlight new important therapies, clinical pearls,…

A Note from Dr. Rouzier


Dear Fellow Colleagues,
In addition to learning about dysbiosis and all the effects that probiotics play on health and wellness, I thought that it would be interesting to learn and review from an expert all that we should know about gut flora, health and wellness.  I personally have been on 8 different potent IV antibiotics since January and have…

Is our Therapy Evidence Based? Hormone Facts you Should Know but Probably Don’t.


Hormone Facts You Should Know But Probably  Don’t

 By Neal Rouzier, MD

Recently the medical community has undergone criticism for journalistic articles and medical studies that promote one drug or treatment over another. There are often political or economic gains behind the purpose or results of the studies, which leads to inappropriate and biased conclusions or recommendations in these…

A Note from Neal on Worldlink’s Newest Event

My Fellow Colleagues,

My Fellow Colleagues, The agenda, schedule, faculty, location and amenities for the new Worldlink Medical Course have finally come to fruition. Many of you asked for a Part V and many others asked for different topics related to lifestyle, preventive medicine, vitamins and supplements, and perhaps something beyond just hormones. So Dana Burnett has put together…

Case Studies

Neal Rouzier’s Interesting Case Studies
These interesting and informative Case Studies were pulled and submitted by Neal Rouzier.

Questions will by typed out and just hover over the “answer” text to see what Neal has to say.

Doctor I’m bleeding!

A 45 year old pre-menopausal woman presents with prolonged periods and heavy bleeding. Ultrasound shows no fibroids or polyps. Endometrial stripe is normal and endometrial…

New Art of Medicine Workshop


Dear Colleague,

I am writing to bring to your attention a critically important matter affecting all of us in medicine. The evidence is undeniable: 75% of the maladies that cause our patients to consult with us are preventable or remediable through lifestyle & behavior changes. Moreover, the leading causes of death in the U.S. are largely preventable, for the same reasons….

Introduction to Part I — Seminar Series, Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Introduction to Preventive Medicine
If you want to think, feel, act, respond, perform, heal, exercise, and function the way you used to, then hormone replacement (HRT) is your answer. If you want to improve your skin, aesthetics (maintain muscle and burn fat), and look the way you used to, then HRT is your only option. If you want to regain…