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Part III – Details for Attendees (during course)

Part III – Details for Attendees (during course):

Syllabus Information

Attendees will receive an electronic and printed syllabus with their registration. The e-syllabus will be available for download at least three days prior to the course. Attendees will be sent an e-mail notification when it is available. This early release provides attendees the opportunity to download and study the syllabus and additional speaker handouts.

The syllabus can be saved in Adobe Reader which allows attendees to add “sticky notes” directly on the slide as the speaker is talking. These notes can be saved permanently to your document. Other recommended applications include iBooks (for apple mobile devices) and iAnnotate (for mobile devices).

Pre-Course Test

In effort to improve our courses, The Foundation of Care Management has requested that all attendees take a pre-test.

Course Code: BHRT3101714

Visit the FCM website to take the pre-test: (click on the course title off the home page for pre-program survey and post exam)


Friday Morning Registration
7:00-8:00 a.m.
Meeting Room – Parthenon AB
Coffee available 7:30 a.m.
Please have breakfast on your own

Saturday Evening Activity

The Listening Cafe
217 2nd Ave
Nashville, TN

Many of Nashville’s biggest songwriters grace the stage in the dining room at the Listening Café.   This is where songwriters often come to share the stories behind the songs they write.  It is not surprising to later hear many of these songs on the radio, where you might say “I heard it first at the Listening Café”. While not a typical tourist spot their recent grand opening has garnished them national attention as being the new hot spot in the downtown “SOBRO’ Nashivlle District.  Come join us for festive food and heartwarming stories form the singer/songwriters themselves.  Transportation , meal and show is all included.  Cost is $75.00

Advance registration is REQUIRED – to sign up click here


We are grateful for their ongoing support. Please take a moment of your time during the weekend to understand their valuable offering and contribution to the success of your practice.

MedQuest Pharmacy – A quality compounding pharmacy and platinum sponsor providing significant educational support for evidence based training.

Living Younger Systems – Providing time tested tools for a successful preventive aging practice.


Join our exclusive group on LinkedIn to engage with other course attendees, including discussions, questions, unique cases, networking, polling and anything else you would like to share with like-minded individuals.

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