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Case Study: How A Conventionally Trained Psychiatrist Transformed His Practice by Integrating BHRT and Wellness.

Dr.Louis Cady, M.D. shared key takeaways drawn from his experience with integration of exciting new therapies into his practice. This webinar will provide an overview of what to expect during his lectures at the Part I course, which will include the following topics: Mental Health and Hormones, “Petal to the Metal” Allopathic Psychiatry for Generalists, How to Transition from an Allopathic Practice to a Hollistic and Integrated Medical Practice. Louis B. Cady, M.D. is the CEO and Founder of the Cady Wellness Institute, and is a practicing Integrative Functional Neuropsychiatrist


  • Describe how to make the transformation from “practitioner” to “respected clinician”
  • Learn what it takes to be irreplaceable, non-interchangeable, and in-demand.
  • Recognize the gratitude and loyalty received from patients as a result of this transformation
  • Cease being a “commodity” in the healthcare system and be paid what you are worth.

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