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What Do All Successful Age Management Practices Have in Common?

The “new” physician enterprise is all about prevention, new revenue streams, operating in a “cash” model, maintaining a high-quality physician/patient relationship yet operating with corporate-like efficiency. This webinar will highlight practice management pitfalls to avoid and what to look out for when improving technological and operational processes in an age management/preventive medicine practice. Andre D. Etherly will share key takeaways…

Nutrigenomics and the Age Management Practice

Christine Houghton, registered nutritionist and PhD candidate, provides clinicians with a greater range of tools for personalizing treatment plans through clinically relevant elements of the science of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics has direct implication in age management medicine, given its fundamental role in regulating and optimizing endogenous cellular defenses against disease and premature aging. Our endogenous cellular defense mechanisms rely on an…

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Men

While this lecture will reinforce the importance of all hormones for both men and women, the main objective is to explore and focus on recent media attention around the association of testosterone replacement therapy with myocardial infarction and stroke….

IV Therapy – Direct Nutrients for Healing and Prevention

Theresa Ramsey, NMD, is a highly regarded naturopathic physician, lifestyle expert, author, and facilitator. She is now focused on educating both the health consumer and the health care professional about the imperativeness of bridging the gap between naturopathic and conventional medical practices. …

How Old Are Your Patients Really?

Dr. Raffaele received his B.A. in philosophy from Princeton University and his MD from Hahnemann University Medical School in 1989. Dr. Raffaele completed his residency at the New York Hospital/Cornell University Medical Center and was formerly a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School while in practice at the Hitchcock Clinic….

Transforming Patients – One Experience at a Time

Defining experiences are what catapult us from our current course in life to a new one, and they provide the momentum to continue along this new course long-term. Understanding the relationships between personal experiences to initiating significant life changes, and applying this knowledge in a clinical setting with patients can improve the likelihood of their achieving and sustaining healthful lifestyles….