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Transforming Patients – One Experience at a Time

Defining experiences are what catapult us from our current course in life to a new one, and they provide the momentum to continue along this new course long-term. Understanding the relationships between personal experiences to initiating significant life changes, and applying this knowledge in a clinical setting with patients can improve the likelihood of their achieving and sustaining healthful lifestyles….

Nutritional Supplements and Cancer Prevention

The internet is loaded with conflicting information on supplements. We all know of reputable sources that promote health-improving nutraceuticals; yet, articles are occasionally published that claim dangers in multivitamin supplementation. How should we advise our patients? The truth is that both sides of the argument are correct. Supplementation is effective, but only when evaluated and used correctly. We need to…

5 Steps to "De-Fatigue" Your Patients

Dr. Holtorf has published a number of peer-reviewed endocrine reviews, which include topics on the safety and efficacy of bioidentical hormones, inaccuracies of standard thyroid testing, testosterone replacement for men and women, the diagnosis and treatment of growth hormone deficiency and on the diagnosis and treatment of HPA axis dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He is also a…

Menopause and Andropause

When it comes to prescribing hormone replacement therapy, you want to ensure your patients receive a treatment plan that is best for them. Advancements in hormone tests, testing methods, and interpretations continue to lead the way in providing the best HRT for your patients….

Oxytocin Guidelines

Known as the “bonding hormone”, oxytocin is naturally produced in the body and acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain to influence social behavior and emotions….

The Science Behind Telomere Shortening

The growing interest in telomere research is providing significant information on cellular health and the aging process. In this webinar, Dr. Joseph Raffaele discusses telomeres and their role in cellular anatomy. Telomeres are protective caps on the end of chromosomes that prevent chromosome deterioration and aid replication….

Hormone Levels in Women

This webinar will provide a general understanding for physicians, practitioners and patients regarding the use of hormone levels in women. A plethora of evidence demonstrates that loss of estrogen increases cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, osteoporotic fractures, urogenital atrophy, macular degeneration and depression. Furthermore, data demonstrates that synthetic progestins increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease, strokes, bleeding, and depression….