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KEEPS Hormone Replacement Study

KEEPS Hormone Replacement Study: A Response From Dr. Joseph Raffaele

Joseph Raffaele MDThree years after the Women’s Health Initiative published that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increased the incidence of certain health risks, clinical researchers at nine centers in the U.S. started the Kronos Early Estrogen Prevention Study (KEEPS). This study was anticipated to be a turning point to determine the benefits of HRT on cardiovascular health. Researchers posed the question, “Does HRT slow the progression of cardiovascular disease in post-menopausal women?” Results were finally released last week, in which the critical question was left unanswered and results seemed disappointing. Dr. Joseph Raffaele clearly explains the strengths, drawbacks, and overall conclusion of the KEEPS clinical investigation.

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About Dr. Raffaele

Joseph Raffaele, M.D., the co-founder of PhysioAge Medical Group, a clinical practice in New York City that is at the leading edge of the emerging field of medicine focused on scientifically sound approaches to staying younger longer. He has been a featured speaker at numerous events sponsored by WorldLink Medical.

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