Hormones and Beyond for 21st Century Wellness Medicine

Hormones and Beyond for 21st Century Wellness Medicine

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October 6-8, 2017 — Lied Lodge in Omaha an All-Inclusive-Resort

The meeting still has availability but the lodge is oversold and no rooms are available.  If you are open to alternate hotel arrangements please contact dburnett@worldlinkmedical for options.

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The healthcare system we know today is in crisis. Too many chronically ill patients are seeking care in a sick care model that often treats symptoms with a pill instead of treating the underlying root cause of disease. What would happen if we trained healthcare practitioners to help patients address the real causes of disease with lifestyle medicine, rather than just treating disease risk factors? Our goal this weekend is to continue our exploration into better serving the needs of your patients with more natural and integrative approaches in order to help your patients live a better life.

A few months ago we surveyed the group for topics our learners felt they needed additional training in. The top two lecture topics were once again GI and inflammatory issues, along with using food as medicine. We plan to cover both topics with one of our featured speakers, Gerard Mullin, MD, author of Gut Balance Revolution. Dr. Mullin plans to teach us how to diagnose and treat the gut with some traditional medicine, but mostly by using the foods we eat to treat and maintain gut health. We’ll look at dysboisis, gut microbe imbalance, and explore the hidden secret to keeping your gut balanced with proper food intake: The hidden secret is weight loss. Our goal will be to identify simple solutions that work for a variety of GI inflammatory processes, and which are easily implemented in primary care and lifestyle practices.

Also in the planning stages are lectures on the use of low dose naltrexone (LDN) and metformin. While you are familiar with metformin for the treatment of PCOS, there is plenty of literature to support its use for both prostate and breast cancer. In addition, LDN is gaining increasing popularity for a multitude of conditions that might be relevant for your patients and to your practice.

With so many continued requests for additional information on hormone therapy (HT), we’ll also explore case studies from both Neal Rouzier and our other guest speakers. We’ll look at why patients sometimes experience anxiety when hormones are started, and discuss case studies identifying this as a treatable concern. Neal will update the group on legal issues, but will spend considerable time sharing how he identifies good literature from bad. The group will review studies together and become familiar with what to look for and how to interpret. Neal is committed to helping attendees be comfortable and self-assured in the research they do, and wants practitioners to be able to confidently converse with patients and colleagues when questions arise.

All this and more will be presented in an all-inclusive-resort experience where we will enjoy meals, entertainment, and 260 acres owned by the Arbor Day Foundation and Lied Lodge conference center. We have a new format this year where your registration fee includes the course fee, lodging, food, entertainment and transportation, leaving the group more time to spend with each other. Please plan to join us for this special event!

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