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Effective learning happens through continual experiences, not casual occasions. Members of Worldlink Medical expand their education outside of physical courses into a credible, interactive online environment to discover answers to complex questions, interpret new knowledge and establish guidelines for application to create a substantial impact on patient outcomes.

As part of this initiative Worldlink Medical is partnering with EBSCOhost, a leader in the field of providing a complete solution to maximize your research experience. EBSCOhost brings together the most comprehensive collection of content, including superior indexing and full text articles.

Our intent is to provide a one stop solution for the articles and topics you are researching. We want to present this in a way that is easy to use, so the end user can easily store and share important information with other colleagues.

The articles used in the live course workshops have been created in sorted folders and are available upon request.

Our fee is $350.00 and renewable yearly.