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Does it feel like medical colleagues “. . . just don’t get it” when it comes to hormone literature?

How do you find time to do your own hormone optimization research?

Tired of having to pay for full text individual articles?

Would you like easier access to studies mentioned in Worldlink courses?

Would a “deep dive” into specific hormone studies enhance your understanding?

Join Worldlink Medical’s Membership Program (10% Off the $495 Annual Fee if you sign up before January 22nd, 2018) and Get Unrestricted Access to:

Journal Club

•  Journal Chairman – Neal Rouzier, MD

•  3 Articles reviewed in each 1 hour online session by a small panel of Worldlink graduates (or “graduate experts”)

•  Spread accurate and reliable hormone optimization content

•  Stimulate healthy, civil debate

•  Generate possible publications in the form of letters to journal editors

•  Topics by member submission or chosen by Neal Rouzier

•  Focus on key hormone studies like ELITE, CORA, KEEPS, Danish, Women’s Health Initiative, etc.


•  Variety of relevant topics with Dr. Neal Rouzier and guest speakers

• Evidenced-based pearls to help you treat your patients with proven protocols

•  Minimized risk for your practice by helping you understand complicated clinical issues

•  Exploration of legal challenges and solutions

• Archived webinars for viewing at your convenience

• Easy as . . . Log in . . . Listen . . . and Learn

EBSCOhost Research Library

•  24/7 Access to full text articles and abstracts presented in live Worldlink courses, webinars and journal club sessions

•  A systematic way to provide the studies you need for sharing with colleagues and patients

•  The information you need, when you need it


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