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New Art of Medicine Workshop:



Dear Colleague,

I am writing to bring to your attention a critically important matter affecting all of us in medicine. The evidence is undeniable: 75% of the maladies that cause our patients to consult with us are preventable or remediable through lifestyle & behavior changes. Moreover, the leading causes of death in the U.S. are largely preventable, for the same reasons. Tragically, sickcare medicine has itself become the 3rd leading cause of death, and at a staggering cost.

Yet, randomized studies correlate physicians engaged in patient-centered care with fewer hospitalizations, fewer diagnostic tests and specialty referrals, and lower overall medical costs, while several studies document higher utilization rates for diagnostic tests, hospitalizations, prescriptions, and referrals among doctors who are poor communicators. Furthermore, treatment by empathic and communicative physicians has been correlated with improved clinical outcomes such as better control of diabetes. No new expensive oral antiglycemics or new sophisticated monitoring devices are required for this improvement; rather, it appears that when given a better relationship with their care givers, patients respond with better compliance, and, hence, better diabetes control.

This evidence has not gone unnoticed, as the Institutes of Medicine, CMS and CG-CAHPS are reporting patients’ ratings of our compassion, empathy, communication skills and even patient experiences, as critical elements of quality. The question is, are you fully prepared?

The New Art of Medicine Workshop is timely in that it prepares you to thrive in a healthcare system with an increasingly patient-centric focus, one that financially rewards practitioners based on the patient’s experience, the provider’s empathy & communication, and improved patient outcomes. This workshop will expand your attention from “What’s the matter” with your patient to include “What matters” to your patient. You will improve your competitive position, gain financial incentives with payer reimbursement, and grow a loyal patient base. If you are a practice leader who is not content to just wait and see what happens next, the New Art of Medicine Workshop is for you.


Gregory W. Petersburg, D.O.

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