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Nutritional Supplements and Cancer Prevention

Nutritional Supplements and Cancer Prevention: Evidence from Human Trials

The internet is loaded with conflicting information on supplements. We all know of reputable sources that promote health-improving nutraceuticals; yet, articles are occasionally published that claim dangers in multivitamin supplementation. How should we advise our patients? The truth is that both sides of the argument are correct. Supplementation is effective, but only when evaluated and used correctly. We need to not only know the simple concepts (such as “polyphenols are good”), but we also need to understand questions that reveal the accurate data: Which supplements result in the best absorption rates? Which ones have successful trials proving their effectiveness? What dosages were used and at what strengths did they gain or lose specific health advantages?

In this webinar, Dr. Josh Trutt reviews the research on the most effective supplements for cancer prevention. Certain nutrients that are commonly discussed in Age Management, such as curcumin and mushroom extracts, will be explored in this presentation, emphasizing practical details on proper dosing and which formulations should be utilized.

Topics Discussed:

  • Discuss the latest research on supplements and cancer prevention
  • Develop an understanding of proper supplement usage, dosage, and formulas
  • Identify differences in supplement quality

Josh Trutt, M.D. is board certified in Emergency Medicine and a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He has practiced for over 13 years in trauma centers and children’s hospitals in New York and Austin, third-world countries, and disaster relief (Hurricane Katrina and the Thailand tsunami). Over that time, he became increasingly motivated to not just treat heart attacks, strokes, and cancer—but to prevent them from happening.

After three years of researching Age Management Medicine and nutraceuticals, Dr. Trutt completed initial certification in Age Management Medicine through Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation. He worked with Cenegenics for eight months before deciding to pursue other avenues in Age Management. After studying evidence-based protocols from WorldLink Medical instructor Neal Rouzier, M.D., Dr. Trutt opened Future Fit Medical Center, and in 2011 he joined PhysioAge Medical Group in their New York City office.

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