On-Demand Webinar

The Evidence Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy: Estrogen in Women

         Neal Rouzier, MD

Learning Objectives

  • Have command of the literature that supports optimization.
  • What type of estrogen is preferred and when?
  • Which estrogen is beneficial and which one is worthless?
  • Is the “safe” estrogen really that safe?


This age management webinar will review the literature supporting optimal hormone levels for Physicians and Healthcare Practitioners interested in Natural Hormone Therapy. Although most Physicians are fully aware of replacing hormones in cases of sub-normal levels, most have not been trained to optimize hormone levels no matter what the baseline level is. A multitude of studies will be discussed to provide Healthcare Practitioners with accurate knowledge regarding the risks and benefits when implementing BHRT into practice. Specifically the webinar will focus on Estrogen Levels in Women.