On-Demand Webinar

Hormone Q&A: An Evidence-Based Web Conference

         Neal Rouzier, MD

Learning Objectives

  • Get clinical answers regarding various topics on BHRT.
  • Learn from the questions and experiences of peers.
  • Stay up-to-date on BHRT Best Practices.
  • Submit questions on testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, and more!


On leap year day, we launched our first online Q&A session and received an outstanding response. It provided a wealth of knowledge and HRT guidelines for physicians and practitioners who are newbies, and for those who have been practicing it for years. A small sample of the questions that were answered include: What is the ideal route of testosterone supplementation? What is the best way to test for testosterone level and adjust the dose? Can we replace the thyroid hormones only with T3 slow release? What guidelines do you use when providing BHRT to women with a family history of breast cancer? What are some situations in which prolonged-release micronized progesterone is better than the regular-release micronized progesterone? Do you think there is evidence that we should prescribe T4 & T3 in a particular ratio? and more.