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Pearls from A Successful Naturopathic Medical Practice

Pearls from A Successful Naturopathic Medical Practice: 5 integrative techniques to maximize BHRT treatments

Patients in the United States and worldwide are seeking integrative therapies now, more than ever before. As the demand for bioidentical hormone therapy increases, the same applies to the integrative techniques that greatly enhance well-being, vitality and overall health. Dr. Theresa Ramsey, a renowned Naturopathic Medical Physician, has prescribed BHRT in her practice for over 15 years. In this webinar, Dr. Ramsey shares her insights on how to successfully implement BHRT into your practice, along with the key therapies and patient educational approaches that will substantially improve treatment.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss new approaches to patient education when starting a BHRT program.
  • Get key takeaways that are vital to a successful hormone replacement plan.
  • Review the difference between “optimal” and “normal” lab results.
  • Recognize effective protocols to follow-up with patients on their treatment plan, and learn how to make necessary adjustments.
  • Identify motivation and mental adjustments that help your patient succeed in health

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