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Testosterone Guidelines

Testosterone Guidelines: What is the Best Form of Testosterone?

Audio Recorded Interview

We recently had the pleasure of ‘listening in’ on an interview with Dr. Rouzier, which was conducted by Bill Gottlieb, CHC, the author of Maximum Manhood: Sexual Healing Secrets and Anti-Aging Breakthroughs from the World’s Greatest Men’s Health Doctors. We learned a lot from it, and we think you will too!



  • Get Dr. Rouzier’s recommendation on transdermal vs. injectable.
  • Understand the the pros and cons of each form of testosterone.
  • Learn the side effects of each type of testosterone.
  • Know the effect that each has on LDL and HDL.
  • Recognize the association each has to DHT and libido.
  • Understand which testosterone is related to hair loss side effects?

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More men and women are turning to testosterone replacement therapy to restore an age-related hormone deficiency. They hope to increase energy, mood, lean body mass, libido, and muscle strength that was present when they were younger. What can your patients expect from testosterone therapy? What are the different delivery forms? Dr. Neal Rouzier provides a quick informative discussion on testosterone therapy to help you understand the benefits and options that are available for your patients.

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  • Ceola Zimit Reply

    Keep on writing because this is the kind of stuff we all need

    March 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm
  • Armida Decaneo Reply

    The best type of therapies so far is the replacement of the T called Testosterone. By the fulfilling the low range, we are able to achieve good result. There are so many methods for TRT for example: injection, gel, pills, patches and tablets.

    April 2, 2013 at 1:06 pm

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