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The Science Behind Telomere Shortening

The Science Behind Telomere Shortening: How does it Affect the aging process and how can we treat it?

The growing interest in telomere research is providing significant information on cellular health and the aging process. In this webinar, Dr. Joseph Raffaele discusses telomeres and their role in cellular anatomy. Telomeres are protective caps on the end of chromosomes that prevent chromosome deterioration and aid replication. Over time, telomeres shorten making it difficult for chromosomes to replicate. When chromosomes can no longer replicate, cellular dysfunction and aging occur. Researchers find the aging process is better understood by measuring telomere length. Dr. Raffaele discusses the role of telomeres as a valid biomarker for aging and the development of chronic diseases.


  • Get key takeaways to enhance preventive and anti-aging treatments.
  • Describe how telomeres and telomerase are related to the common diseases of aging.
  • Define the biomarkers of aging and how to determine the REAL age of unique patients.
  • Identify methods of preventing telomere shortening, resulting in increased patient quality of life.

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