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A Note from Neal on Worldlink's Newest Event

February 22, 2016 9:08 AM | Christiaan Killian (Administrator)

My Fellow Colleagues, The agenda, schedule, faculty, location and amenities for the new Worldlink Medical Course have finally come to fruition. Many of you asked for a Part V and many others asked for different topics related to lifestyle, preventive medicine, vitamins and supplements, and perhaps something beyond just hormones. So Dana Burnett has put together a faculty to do just that.

Welcome to our newest course: Beyond Hormones for 21st Century Wellness Medicine

Attending the BHRT series is NOT a requirement to attend this course, and it includes all-new material that we are excited to bring you. As the Faculty Chairman for this event we combined new topics on the gut, the microbiome, and inflammatory issues that oftentimes not only prevent hormones from doing their job, but also wreak havoc on many other body systems. Dr. Dirk Parvus will explore what to look for, how to diagnose and treat, and how to prevent inflammatory conditions that we so commonly see but don’t understand how to treat. And no discussion would be complete without the evidence-based research to support what we do, as has always been our mantra in the past.

As for me, I get to spend time on fun stuff (topics) I never seem to get to in Parts I – IV, namely growth hormone and everything you could possibly want to know about this important hormone. HGH will be split into diagnosing, treating and adjusting with complex case studies. There is a plethora of medical data that demonstrate benefits we should all be aware of. We will look at the attempt of the FDA and AACE to limit and restrict use of HGH based on extrapolation of a law that does not apply to physicians, but is often quoted as to make everyone think that HGH is illegal to prescribe. We proved in court that is not the case and we will review those legal proceedings.

Speaking of legal issues, they are most uncomfortable for physicians to deal with and dissect. I would prefer to just pretend that I will be lucky enough to avoid legal issues. Although it is painful for physicians to review, we all should be aware of the legal arena surrounding HRT and how best to document and prepare our practices to be bullet proof, both for legal defense and, more importantly, to use to teach our colleagues a scientific method rather than what they heard or were taught. That still may not prevent lightning from striking so I will review the most common cases now making the rounds, and how I have defended them using the medical literature provided during this review. We must use science and literature to defend how we practice and protect the lives of our patients despite the legal profession using recent guidelines to bring suit. Plaintiffs’ attorneys wish they would have never met me! Important issues pertaining to HRT commonly addressed by opposing attorneys (which I will counter in the medical literature review) are concerns about AACE guidelines which restrict use, concerns that testosterone causes blood clots that polycythemia is harmful, and that estradiol levels should be monitored and lowered to prevent the harm of elevated estrogen. Each one of the aforementioned is so important that I will provide separate lectures on each.

• Levels are meaningless for symptom improvement and diagnosis.
• More in depth review of polychthemia and lack of harm of erythrocytosis.
• More review of articles on estrogen in men.
• How I used the articles to prove to a jury that the hematologist was wrong.

Next, let’s get really good at interpreting the medical literature. I find it so fascinating that physicians can continuously misinterpret medical studies and the results of those studies. I hated statistical analysis taught in my training. However, we will make it fun to analyze and critique studies before looking at the conclusions. Almost every study has an agenda, a bias, and a purpose for being published which makes me leery of any study, thereby making it necessary to understand the methods and bias before even reading a study. The more we review and understand medical literature, the better we are able to extract meaning and purpose of our science. We should all be able to speak and defend our therapy with confidence and this review will better enable us to confidently defend the work we do as we look to grow this field. I for one cannot do this work alone. You all play a vital role in how we take care of root causes and provide preventive care to our patients.

Finally, no 21st Century medical discussion would be complete without an update on stem cells. I am the proud recipient of several stem cell injections and will share my knowledge along with Dr. Herman Pang’s experience with stem cells.

I am so excited for this debut event and hope you plan to join us October 7-9, 2016, in San Antonio, TX. Let’s make it a reunion event! I hope to have dinner discussions featuring those of you who wish to tell us unusual and profound success stories. Dana needs to know numbers early, therefore she is offering a super early bird discount of $895.00 if you register by March 31st, See you all later this year for this inaugural Worldlink Medical event.


Neal Rouzier


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