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The Business of Creating Health

​February 22-24, 2019

Fort Worth, TX

Agenda and registration coming soon.

Course Description:

Our patient population continues to get sicker and healthcare costs continue to rise. Our changing healthcare environment requires a different type of training than what is taught in medical schools. Preventable chronic diseases now dominate the top ten list for causes of death here in the U.S., and our physician burnout rate is at an all-time high.

Dominating our surveys are your requests for tools to help guide the transition to a practice focused on creating health, as well as better resources to more efficiently and effectively educate your patients. Many physicians are no longer willing to focus on treating chronic symptoms. The key today is working with patients to ensure healthy lifestyles to prevent many of the chronic diseases affecting our growing population.

Program Focus: Medical legal, practice development, marketing and patient experience.

The first day will address the practical side of creating a wellness practice, and includes legal and compliance issues for this type of practice that everyone should be aware of. We’ll also detail practice logistics around budgeting, finance, staffing, fees, location, and similar. Day two moves to practice development work, in terms of who you are and what message you are trying to communicate to your patients and outlying community. Having a clear message is an important component to building your practice.

Our marketing strategy encompasses both an organic approach to reaching out to the community in a real and meaningful way, as well as the more traditional (but a little more out of the box) approach to online marketing. Our online marketing talk has a specific focus towards patient education, and we’ll dedicate time both through marketing but also a more practical in-office approach that looks at educating patients in groups. This type of teaching allows for a wide range of lifestyle topics, but also looks at behavior and mindset in re-educating your patients. These are important considerations in order to affect positive change.

Finally, we will look at how you communicate with your patients, and what changes can be made to create better, more effective relationships that last a lifetime. In essence, how to create a patient experience that leaves your patients feeling happier, healthier, and embracing their healthcare experience and sharing their story with friends and family.

Unique Learning Experience

This workshop has been designed for a small group to allow for plenty of interaction, and will require some pre-work to get you prepared for the course as well as provide us with some background . You’ll leave the course with a comprehensive take-home action plan that you’ll create throughout your 2 ½ day stay with us, so you can return home and immediately put your plan into action. We’ll look to follow up after the event and see how you’re doing, because your success is our success, too. We hope to see many of you at this debut event!

 Agenda and registration coming soon!

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