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The New Art of Medicine

August 10th - 12th, 2018
Hilton El Conquistador Resort
Tucson, Arizona

Course Description:

The Best Medicine Isn’t Just About the Science of Medicine:

Today, more than 75% of the maladies that cause your patients to consult with you are largely preventable or remediable through health behavior change. Sadly, 72% of patients fail to adhere to lifestyle & preventive recommendations and therapies!

Evidence-based medicine, electronic communications, availability of information on the internet, cost control, and societal trends have affected every aspect of medical care. In spite of all these changes, the importance of the practitioner-patient relationship remains a constant. While the ways of communication have evolved dramatically over the past two decades, the face-to-face role of the practitioner and the patient has not.

Recognizing the importance of both issues, the Institutes of Medicine now defines your patient’s experience as an important domain of quality; compassion, empathy, and communication are areas of increased focus for CG-CAHPS and HCAHPS scores; patient’s ratings of your communications & caring are heavily weighted in pay-for-performance provider plans; consumers can find patient’s evaluations of you on more than 150 websites. Moreover, the most patient-centric practitioners generate significantly lower diagnostic and therapeutic costs.

What’s missing in 21st century CME programs is an emphasis on these essential core competencies, which can be categorized as the ‘art’ of medicine. The New Art of Medicine Workshop provides the solution with a practical, hands-on, entertaining and highly experiential program intended to engage, stimulate, and enlighten you – in a fully immersive learning environment. This intensive, evidence-based, two-and-a-half-day workshop utilizes multiple learning modalities and environments – staged presentations, classroom, one-on-one, group, role-playing, indoor/outdoor, self-assessment & ‘homework’.

If you are really serious about getting the best results from the science of medicine, achieving long-term patient outcomes, radically differentiating your practice from others, maximizing patient loyalty, enhancing professional satisfaction and income, then this program is for you.


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