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PCSK-9 Inhibitors : Another Therapeutic Illusion

By Neal Rouzier, MD Recently, a new cholesterol lowering drug was approved in the U.K. The press-release heralded Inclisiran, simply another PCSK-9 inhibitor, to be a game changer as it will save thousands of lives by lowering cholesterol. No, there are no outcome studies yet, only studies that demonstrate it lowers serum cholesterol 50% more
By Deirdre Nitsche | A Note From Neal

The CVD and Cancer Insanity Cycle : What Should we do if What we are Doing Isn’t Working?

By Neal Rouzier, MD As clinicians we try to be problem solvers. It is part of our training, try to figure out what’s wrong, and then to fix it. Problem solved. However, what should we do if what we are doing isn’t working? Keep doing the same thing? What if the patient does not get
By Deirdre Nitsche | A Note From Neal

Prescribe, Practice, and Reappear for BHRT Part I

By Neal Rouzier, MD At the last Part 1: Discover the Power of BHRT, I introduced to all the new attendees, all those in attendance that were repeaters from past courses. The intent was to utilize those past attendees as a resource so that the newbies could ask them questions, which is one of the
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Treating T3 Deficiency, the Evidence You Need

Your 45 y/o female patient that is now optimized on your HRT program returns for evaluation after her PMD voiced concerns about your treatment with thyroid hormone. 

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