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PRP for Medical and Aesthetic Application Workshop

  • February 01, 2019
  • February 03, 2019
  • Raleigh, NC
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Upon Completion of this learning activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the Components of PRP such as cytokines, platelets, mesenchymal stem cells, stem cell markers, growth factors.
  • Compare kits and know how to use them and describe PRP preparation procedures as outlined by the FDA
  • Know what Dual spin and single spin is and formulate the appropriate centripetal acceleration and time to achieve the desired concentration of platelets for best results.
  • Discuss the different types of PRP like PRFM and know how to apply them to the medical or cosmetic condition that is being treated.
  • Describe how and why to “Activate” PRP
  • Manipulate the components of the PRP using FDA approved additives that work to improve the PRP stability prior to administering.
  • Determine what patients are good candidates for PRP therapy and the medical applications and their validity.
  • List the step-by-step procedures to create the PRP serum.
  • Discuss and acquire the skills to perform aesthetic injections, filler injections to the face, and neurotoxin injection
  • Identify the safety and sterilization protocols that must be followed
  • Identify the conditions treated with PRP
  • Perform PRP on the face, neck, hands, and décolleté and be able to choose the proper injection modalities and micro needling for PRP administration.
  • Demonstrate improved PRP and volumetric enhancement with fillers in combination
  • Perform a complete Face lift with PRP and fillers . Assessing the patient, planning the procedure and calculating the amount of PRP and filler needed.
  • Categorize and treat Acne scars, stretch marks, dark circles, and burn scars
  • Design an approach for Alopeciae in both men and women.
  • Evaluate treatment options for male and female sexual dysfunction
  • Perform joint and tendon injection with PRP for Arthritic conditions and tendinopathies knee, shoulder, AC joint, elbow, ankle, and feet.
  • Review protocols for follow-up injections and assessing improvement levels
  • Perform hands-on training by administering the procedure on live patients. You will take part in PRP injections for facial treatments and alopecia. Understanding the various factors that can influence PRP efficacy and how you can ensure positive outcomes
  • Develop effective marketing techniques for PRP

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