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The Business of Creating Health

  • February 22, 2019
  • February 24, 2019
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • 65



Course Description:

Our patient population continues to get sicker and healthcare costs continue to rise. Our changing healthcare environment requires a different type of training than what is taught in medical schools. Preventable chronic diseases now dominate the top ten list for causes of death here in the U.S., and our physician burnout rate is at an all-time high.

Dominating our surveys are your requests for tools to help guide the transition to a practice focused on creating health, as well as better resources to more efficiently and effectively educate your patients. Many physicians are no longer willing to focus on treating chronic symptoms. The key today is working with patients to ensure healthy lifestyles to prevent many of the chronic diseases affecting our growing population.

Our Program focus will encompass 4 different areas:

1)     Medical- Legal Environment.  There are many obstacles to consider when picking a business model that works best for your type of practice.  Whatever you choose we want you to set it up in a legal framework that protects you and your practice

2)     The Business Enterprise.  Business Start-up and/or a practice transition is never an easy endeavor especially if running a business was one of the last things you thought you’d be doing.  Hear from some business and consulting groups and make sure you’re in the know for basic business practices.  In addition we’ll assemble a faculty of physicians who have made the transition, hear their story and learn what worked, what didn’t and why.

3)     Marketing.  We like to believe that once you open your doors patients will come but often times there needs to be a little push.  We’ll try to make it easy and straightforward but there are some things even you can do to grow your practice.  Practical tools to go home with and easily implement, thatis our goal

4)     The Patient Experience.  No business discussion would be complete without an emphasis on the patient experience for your patients.  Satisfied patients tell their friends and family. We want to maximize this for your practice with lots of tools and ideas to create extraordinary patient relationships that matter both to you and your patients.

A transformative event for your unique practice setting, come join us as we Master the Practice and Optimize the Care. 

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