Dipnarine Maharaj, MD

With a personal desire to make a truly positive impact on people’s lives, Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj chose to study Hematology/Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation because that is where he felt he could make a real difference in the quality and advancement of health care. As a core component of that commitment, he has maintained a career-long dedication to learning and he has earned an impressive list of advanced degrees from some of the most respected medical schools in the world including the University of Glasgow Medical School in Glasgow, Scotland.


As part of his extensive work in cancer care and research, Dr. Maharaj focused on the healing power of the human immune system. He has dedicated his career to the concentrated study of the immune system and, specifically, the vital stem cells that give it its unique regenerative qualities. Dr. Maharaj is a renowned clinician who has been handling highly complex clinical cases and performing outpatient bone marrow stem cell transplant procedures for more than 10 years with the sole purpose of reducing the high risk of severe hospital-acquired infections. His research and clinical work has led to evidence of true advancements in the treatment—and even the prevention—of life-threatening diseases that have historically been difficult to manage.