Thanks, John for the feedback and amazing success story that no PCP or cardiologist could ever achieve. Our results that we see on a daily basis are nothing short of miraculous. Of course, our patients love us and are willing to play along with our game. They are happy to lead their PCPs along a path and tell them their success with weight loss, libido, energy, cholesterol levels, etc., are all due to their statin meds. The PCPs light up. Then when the patient tells them that they stopped all their meds and statins 6 months ago and all the benefits were solely due to HRT, then they say their PCPs just flip out and tell them to stop all those harmful hormones that caused all those wonderful improvements. The patients are just as amazed at their PCP’s negative response just as we are. You would think that they would be ecstatic with all the positive benefits, but they are not. The denial and pushback are amazing which makes our specialty even more challenging and rewarding.

I have addressed these issues in the last several webinars on testosterone. Multiple long-term studies proved that patients could stop their multiple medicines while on testosterone as all the CVD parameters improve. In addition, there were significantly fewer CVD events and decreased morbidity and mortality in all those patients that were prescribed testosterone. You would think that the cardiovascular world would jump all over this. Sadly, they don’t. Although I encourage patients to NOT explain their current treatment programs with their PMD, they often do as the patients are all so pleased with their numbers and the quality of life enhancements and they want to share that with their doctors. However, the patients are even more puzzled by the lack of approval by their PMDs as well as the negativity they experience. That in turn makes them love and appreciate us even more. Yes, optimization of hormones, diet, exercise, lifestyle has made the practice of medicine so much fun for us, even for us orthopods and ER docs! Keep up the good work and keep the success stories coming.


P.S. John, the patient does not owe me a thing as I’m just copying what the literature tells me to do. He owes all his success to you. Your experience, clinical acumen, insight, and treatment success did not happen overnight. Your patient has no idea as to what it took for you to arrive at your level of knowledge and expertise. It took you years to thoroughly grasp what optimization really means and to get past the “number issues” that so many of us get stuck on. And I’m sure that it was a scary road, as it is for all of us, as it is counterintuitive as to what we were taught and trained. So in essence, my words to your patient are that he has no idea the luck that he had in stumbling onto you as he has no understanding as to what it took to make you what you are today. His success and outcomes he owes all to you, and your knowledge and expertise did not come easy. I wish that all patients could appreciate what it takes to become accomplished in what we do. And I wish that I could tell him that, as well as tell all the other patients that all of us treat. It is a very trying and difficult path, yet so very rewarding. 🙂