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1 Hour Courses , Exercise

Too many times, in the haste to make progress, basic fundamentals are overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to exercise. For optimal functioning and lasting results, it is necessary to assess for bio-mechanical soundness of the musculoskeletal system before exercise is suggested. Once the foundation is in place, progress is actually faster and future injury risk is virtually nonexistent.

You will not want to miss this informative webinar about exercise and identifying musculoskeletal problems in patients.


Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Argue that the presence of a postural and/or biomechanical dysfunction could be the cause of your patient’s chronic complaint.
  2. Be able to discuss why some musculoskeletal system exercises are not appropriate for every person, ie squat, overhead press, pullup, pushup, lunge and tricep dip.
  3. Refute the notion that walking provides adequate fat loss or biomechanical corrections.
  4. Discuss which is more beneficial for long term health, cardio or resistance training.
  5. Contrast a muscle contraction vs joint movement.
  6. Defend real functional training opposed to entertaining workouts promoted as functional training.