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1 Hour
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Neal Rouzier, MD
Faculty Chairman


1 Hour Courses , Hormones

How to Prevent Breast Cancer with Estradiol: A Literature Review.

In this month’s webinar, Dr. Rouzier will be reviewing studies that demonstrate how the loss of estrogen actually causes symptoms of estrogen dominance. The role that estradiol plays in treating and preventing insulin resistance and how the loss of estrogen places women at an increased risk for breast cancer, diabetes, and insulin resistance. You will not want to miss this important webinar on estrogen dominance and estrogen.

Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Review studies that demonstrate that it is the loss of estrogen that results in symptoms of estrogen dominance.
  2. Investigate the effect of estradiol in treating and preventing insulin resistance.
  3. Evaluate the studies demonstrating it is the loss of estrogen that puts women at risk for breast cancer, diabetes and insulin resistance.
  4. Recognize that estrogen dominance is a misnomer which should be renamed insulin resistance or Syndrome W.