Online Course: Hormones & Beyond 2020


Two years ago at the Hormones and Beyond Symposium our focus was on lifestyle intervention for cognitive decline that included discussions on genetics, the Bredensen Protocol and how hormones effect dementia.

Last year with Jason Fung, MD we looked at obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance. In addition we learned about the benefits of intermittent fasting and again related much of this back to a decline in hormones. As we continue our exploration on how hormones continue to impact our health our focus this year is on how Estrogenics are making us fat, sick and infertile.

Fat cells can retain artificial chemicals that act like excessive estrogen in our body. It’s contributing to weight gain, depression and infertility which are all on the rise. Join us for an in-depth discussion on the science and physiology of what’s happening and why; then we’ll dive into BPA, soy, plastics, pesticides, fragrances, birth control and more to find what we can do to help ourselves and our patients.

One of our featured speakers is Anthony G Jay, Ph.D. author of the Estrogeneration. Join us as we uncover one more piece of the puzzle as we look to transform health for you and your patients.

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Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the literature that pertains to hormones and increased cancer risk.
  2. Distinguish the 4 subtypes of breast cancer and how to treat each type.
  3. Explain and identify the use of PSA and explore advances in PSA testing, radiologic assessment and the role of genetics in PC diagnosis and evaluation.
  4. Interpret the literature on mechanisms of prostate cancer development and reducing the risk, in addition to, how to document when treating prostate cancer survivors.
  5. Examine the impact of HIFU on the treatment trajectory surrounding prostate cancer and how it is used as a non-invasive therapy for PC, maintaining an excellent rate of cure with minimal side effects.
  6. Discuss how specific endocrine disrupting chemicals contribute to pervasive modern health issues and how to reverse the health impacts of them
  7. Identify unique genetic SNP variants, the cutting-edge science of epigenetics, and optimized lab values, in addition to, endocrine-related health solutions.
  8. Investigate different xenoestrogens and how they can be avoided, and consumer tested.
  9. Recall new ways to help your patients support their gut health, detoxification, estrogen metabolism, weight loss, blood sugar balance and better breast health.
  10. Evaluate the studies that show decreased Thyroid Hormones levels by association and causation.
  11. Differentiate the normal thyroid physiology and HPA excess and how EDC’s effect this normal access.
  12. Examine the literature on the benefits of melatonin in reversing, metabolic dysfunction, inflammation, cancer treatment, cancer prevention and improved effect on the AMP-K pathway.
  13. Identify legal compliance challenges and solutions.