Online Course: New Updated Review of Testosterone: Recent Articles to Support its Use


Seemingly there is more and more pushback against the use of testosterone in men. Society guidelines have restricted its use. Journal articles seem to emphasize the use only in men with documented deficiency based on numbers and not on symptoms. There are more criticisms from PMD’s that don’t like their patients taking testosterone. Patients are told by their doctors to cease using testosterone due to harm and lack of evidence that it is beneficial and use of it may cause harm. During this webinar, we will discuss and review the benefits of optimizing testosterone and the harm done when it is not prescribed to men.



Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Review recent studies demonstrating the benefits of testosterone in reducing CVD, DM, morbidity and
  2.  Provide literature that can be used to educate patients and doctors and that should be placed on patients’
    charts when prescribing testosterone.
  3. Demonstrate the documented benefits based on peer reviewed expert opinion and RCT’s as opposed to
    flawed studies.
  4. Discuss the sensationalized flawed studies and why they are flawed and should not be utilized to create
    fear mongering when prescribing testosterone.
  5. Provide article studies that prove safety and efficacy when utilizing testosterone.


Neal Rouzier, MD

Faculty Chairman

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