Online Course: Testosterone Update Part 2 in 2020


As testosterone becomes ever more popular for health and wellness, simultaneously there grows resistance and the push-back against its use. As I have heard and experienced countless times from patients and clinicians, hormone replacement has given patients their lives back as well as completely changed clinicians’ practice of medicine. The FDA has set out to try to restrict the use of, and the doses used, to treat patients. They do this by dictating guidelines to endocrine and urology societies. Finally, a paper produced by our most respected experts in the field of men’s health has led to a sensible rebuttal of the current guidelines to better assist practitioners in their use of testosterone. Drs. Traish Morgentaler, and Khera published a critique of current guidelines so that we can move forward in improving patient’s lives without having to feel guilty by ignoring the written guidelines.



Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Review recent AAU testosterone guidelines and understand their purpose, their restrictions, and that they
    are not rigid rules, nor do they dictate standard of care.
  2. Recognize why current guidelines represent suggestions or proposals for treatment and should not be
    interpreted as wrong if not followed exactly.
  3. Discuss why guidelines should not be used against practitioners, medico-legally.
  4. Decipher how and why current guidelines cause considerable confusion and frustration for patients and
  5. Examine why treatment goals of the current guidelines dictate that TT should be 500-600 ng/dl and how
    that came to be.
  6. Review why current guidelines recommend no testosterone use in any man with recent cardiovascular
    disease or events


Neal Rouzier, MD

Faculty Chairman

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