Online Course: The Business of Creating Health


You can’t practice medicine successfully if you can’t navigate what we call the Business side of Creating Health for you and your patients. Get the most up-to-date information and tools based on current research, healthcare paradigm shifts and standards of care that will keep you practicing medicine in a transformative way for patients that makes business sense for you.

The Business of Creating Health is an interactive hands-on course designed to navigate and create the most effective business practice models for ALL types of medical providers and ALL types of practices. Think of this as a “mini business residency program” in practice start up, practice transitions and practice growth. With an agenda consisting of distinguished presenters, attendees will learn how to maximize success and satisfaction in their clinical practice through tricks and tactics in areas of brand messaging and marketing, business operations, medical legal and personal and professional considerations.

This is the biggest and best CME Business Course available to medical providers and staff guaranteed to teach you more about running a successful clinic than you can learn from anywhere else. By the time the weekend is over attendees will have experienced and created a variety of business models and practice scenarios. You will depart with new ideas, tools, resources and most importantly an actual plan to implement. Learn by doing, leave with a plan.



We like to believe that once you open your doors patients will come, but often there needs to be a little push. We brought in marketing experts to help you promote your authentic message through website design, marketing in the digital world and an easy to build and implement 1-page marketing plan.

1. Evaluate and analyze trends in private direct pay models with ongoing reforms.
2. Outline various alternative approaches to private direct practice structures, focusing on integrative models.
3. Identify legal compliance challenges and solutions.
4. Analyze different practice models and identify a best fit for your needs based on your particular practice.
5. Identify and discuss the importance of a business plan, mission, vision and story.
6. Examine basic business elements related to accounting and finance.
7. Discuss pros and cons of various physical elements of your practice from location, size, décor, signage and operational tools.
8. Describe and discuss the importance of your team to your overall success.

10. Review websites and understand their importance in messaging, form and function.
11. Debate the importance of being an expert in your community, what does it take?
12. Use practice case studies to refine your own practice model.
13. Examine how a 1-page marketing plan can have an exponential effect on your practice.
14. Review and create a 1-page strategic plan to move your practice forward.