Online Course: Treating T3 Deficiency, The Evidence You Need Part 2


Dr. Rouzier reviews the literature that proves treating with T4-alone results in patient dissatisfaction even though the TSH levels are normal.  He will share the landmark studies demonstrating the superior effect of DTE (desiccated thyroid extract) and how a dozen pharmaceutical industry sponsored studies failed to show any superiority over T4-alone therapy because they utilized subtherapeutic doses of T3 which were destined to fail. However, T4 was shown to raise T4 levels but suppressed T3 levels once again showing that T4-alone resulted in worsening clinical parameters, serum T3 levels and tissue markers of metabolism.



Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Review studies that prove T4 therapy does not improve symptoms or metabolic parameters despite normalization of TSH level
  2. Recall whyT4 therapy can lower T3 levels and not raise them as theorized.
  3. Discuss why physicians prescribe thyroid hormone in euthyroid patients, which one works and which one does not.
  4. Evaluate why patients feel well only when the thyroid hormone levels are elevated and the TSH is suppressed.
  5. Navigate through the political and economic bias of the various studies in order to better understand and discuss the denigration of DTE by thyroid organizations but the documented preference of DTE by patients in multiple studies.


Neal Rouzier, MD

Faculty Chairman


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