What You Need to Master before Prescribing Testosterone: Part 3


Dr. Rouzier addresses all the health and wellness benefits of optimizing testosterone levels, regardless of the baseline levels.  The main controversy voiced by critics is the increased risk in CVD.  This is nonsense.  We will discuss the media hype and hysteria that should be dispelled and not let the negativism overshadow the plethora of data and studies demonstrating that testosterone therapy reduces CVD and mortality.



Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Describe the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.
  2. Recall the main issue voiced by critics about the increase risk of CVD and how this is unfounded
  3. Recognize the faulty literature that describes harm with the administration of Testosterone.
  4. Identify the literature that supports the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in reducing CVD and mortality.


Neal Rouzier, MD

Faculty Chairman


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