Prevention and Reversal of Dementia: What Role Does Insulin Play?

As many providers can attest, Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD) is a complex brain disease that slowly destroys a person’s memory and thinking abilities until sufferers become so debilitated that they cannot carry out the simplest of tasks (1). Over six million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from dementia  (1). Even grimmer, as the condition progresses, it can become fatal within as little as 3-10 years (1). Few providers would disagree with these statements. Where the tables turn is the consensus on the causes of dementia, who will get it, and whether or not dementia is a destined part of aging. Dementia is debilitating, life-altering, and ultimately, life-ending. The question is, does it have to be? Can dementia be prevented or even reversed?

By Krista Russ | Academic Summit 2022 . Blog . Dementia . Diabetes