Testosterone for Women: The Studies that Prove Testosterone is Absolutely Necessary for CVD Protection

Testosterone for Women: The Studies that Prove Testosterone is Absolutely Necessary for CVD Protection

Testosterone for Women: The Studies that Prove Testosterone is Absolutely Necessary for CVD Protection 

For the first several courses on Testosterone for Women, I addressed the diagnosis of Andropause (Hypogonadism), the problems with making a diagnosis, the controversies, and faults of using labs to make the diagnosis. As well as the recent FDA and AACE guidelines, which restrict the use of testosterone for other than a definite diagnosis of Andropause that requires TT levels of less than 300ng/dl. We then reviewed the various peer reviewed studies and opinions of experts that patients should be treated based on symptoms and signs of hypogonadism. Not based on the restrictive numbers that were chosen with the pure intent of restricting therapy. This is termed “Off Label Use” which should be well documented in patients’ charts.

Controversies Surrounding the Claims that Testosterone is Harmful

We then transitioned to the controversies surrounding the claims that testosterone is harmful and should be avoided. There is tremendous pushback and confirmation bias in this industry. Zealots claim that testosterone increases the risk of CVD and cancer, which we refuted by exposing the flawed studies that concluded that testosterone was harmful. We went on to prove that testosterone was not only safe and not harmful, but beneficial and efficacious to prevent CVD, despite some Zealots still claiming it is harmful.

I then introduced several (unfortunate) cases that I had to defend. I utilized many studies to prove that testosterone was not only safe for CVD protection, but very beneficial and necessary for CVD protection. I believe that anyone that prescribes testosterone should include discussion of these papers when treating patients and should be in the chart of every patient. There is no better documentation of discussion than including scientific studies as evidence of safety and efficacy. 

Testosterone and CVD Studies

Well, the next step is to discuss all the studies that prove testosterone is absolutely necessary. Any physician that does not consider testosterone for health and wellness is doing the patient a disservice. The scientific literature proves that we are not making a dent in CVD mortality due to our focus on CVD protection, as being cholesterol-centric. Next, we will review all the studies demonstrating that testosterone is the solution to the CVD epidemic. We will review the reversal of CVD as well as reversal of diabetes. Stomach bypass surgery adversely affects quality of life. Diet and life-style change work temporarily and result in > 90% recidivism. There is only one treatment that continues to show and prove benefit in reversing disease.

“Testosterone consistently results in improvements that lead to enhanced quality of life in patients, suffering from the frequent combination of obesity & metabolic syndrome, T2DM, and cardiovascular disease together with a simultaneous reduction of healthcare costs.” I will review all the studies demonstrating protection against and reversal of CVD and DM.

Hope you are able to attend Testosterone for Women Part 4. 

Stay safe! 

– Neal

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