SlideOur Approach to CME is Unique Yes, we are known for our advanced training in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Training.  Providers say it's changed lives. Get Started With BHRT Part I We teach the series six weeks apart giving you time to start seeing patients.  Online Forums offer support, online webinars and Journal Club calls offer support and guidance along your journey.  Patient education and other resources mean you are not alone.  We are vested in your success.
“Through implementing tools I’ve learned at Worldlink – optimization of hormones, lifestyle changes, supplements, patient education – I was able to dramatically change [a patient’s] body composition from 46% body fat to 15%.”
Johanan Rand, MD
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This is What you Will Walk Away

With After our Courses…

1. Transition from “Sick Care” to “Well Care”

2. Create an extra revenue stream for your practice

3. Gain credibility as a Hormone Provider with certification


Get Started wITh These Accredited CME's Join the movement and become part of our thriving community of healthcare practitioners transforming patient lives. Earn Continuing Education Credits in the comfort of your own home or office. bhrt cmeBHRT Part I BHRT Part II BHRT Part III BHRT Part IV Hormones & Beyond The Business of Creating Health

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