One Element of Health and Wellness that you Should Know About but Don’t: Stem Cells

I now want to take this opportunity to introduce to you why I feel that the 7th Academic Summit: Breakthroughs in Brain Health, CVD, and Autoimmunity will be the most important and enlightening conference that you will attend. Although I have introduced my topics during the last several newsletters, I want to introduce to you one of the most important topics and lectures that pertains to our goal of optimizing health and wellness. Oddly, it is a subject that most of us know nothing about and that I had never heard of personally in all my reading and research. Even physicians in the field of hematology/immunology are not familiar with the concepts as there is no venue for us/them to attend in order to learn anything about it (except through WLM). It truly fits into the category of anti-aging or disease prevention. I stumbled upon it by accident. A WLM attendee, Todd House, told me that I needed to go see this guy in Florida. I inquired as to why I needed to do this, and Todd just simply told me that if I wanted to get fixed and healed, then I needed to go see him. When I further pressed Todd to explain what, why, and how, Todd simply said that it was too complex to explain but that I needed to just do it. Todd explained that if I wanted to learn why my stem cells, exosomes, PRP, and all other treatment modalities weren’t working for me, then I really needed to go see Dr. Maharaj in Florida. However, I first need to tell you about me and what wasn’t working.