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Find BHRT Trained Physicians and Practitioners

WorldLink Medical provides continuing medical education for healthcare professionals in the specialty of hormone replacement therapy as a preventive form of medicine. Many of the practitioners listed in this directory1 are ABHRT certified, having undergone rigorous classroom instruction, case study review, examination process and continuing education. Use the form to locate a trained practitioner in your area.2

WorldLink Medical provides this directory listing for free to those healthcare practitioners that have completed at least one course through WorldLink Medical. Practitioners listed with a certification seal have completed ABHRT certification for the entire four-part course series on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.
Patients have a right to choose a doctor that fits their specific needs, and this site provides a resource for those practitioners trained in this specialty. All content is for informational purposes only and is to be used at your own risk.

Are you a healthcare practitioner who has attended a Worldlink BHRT course? create-your-directory-listing-here