Callie Maggard, COO

Callie Maggard is the COO, Functional Medicine Program Coordinator for Sharlin Health & Neurology, and Operations Director for Sharlin Health Regeneration Center. She helped Dr. Sharlin start the practice in 2015. Over the years, they developed a hybrid practice model that gives patients the best medicine offers – traditional neurology, functional and regenerative medicine, cutting-edge research, and on-site neuro-diagnostics that include high-resolution MRI and PET scans. She has been instrumental in hundreds of patient transformations as they shift from disease-centered care to one that is
individualized and patient-centered. In doing so, she has been a critical team player in helping patients achieve disease reversal and mitigation of conditions for which no reliable conventional treatment exists. She believes wholeheartedly in Sharlin Health’s mission to provide the most comprehensive
neurological care of any clinic.

Callie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration and received extensive training in functional medicine. She is a Certified Advanced Health and Wellness Coach, a Wahls Certified Health Professional, and a Lumen Certified Professional. Her ability to help patients navigate
the overwhelming healthcare options and find clarity and confidence in their decision to make the necessary changes to become their best selves is her true passion.