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1 Hour
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Neal Rouzier, MD
Faculty Chairman

During this webinar, Dr. Rouzier will be discussing the review paper by Drs. Morgentaler and Traish that provides a historical perspective on the use of testosterone.  Their paper should be the lead paper for any peer or patient that desires to know the importance and profoundness of testosterone use in women.  In previous webinar’s, Dr. Rouzier shared the expert guidelines which limit the use of testosterone, during this webinar, he will describe the evidenced based medicine supporting the replacement of testosterone for women for health reasons and not just for sexual benefits.

Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Discuss why the health and well-being benefits of testosterone are associated only with “robust” testosterone levels.
  2. Review the studies demonstrating that testosterone added to estrogen therapy improves energy, well-being, and strength over estrogen alone.
  3. Examine the studies where testosterone is the only hormone that improves libido, sexual activity frequency, satisfaction, pleasure, fantasy, and orgasm.
  4. Review the many studies demonstrating that testosterone improves metabolism and fat loss without any safety concerns.
  5. Recall that no serious adverse events have been reported in any clinical trial.
  6. Identify that testosterone prescribed to women is off label use since there are no FDA approved testosterone products for women. “Off label use” should be documented in the patient’s chart.
  7. Discuss the most recent paper by Traish and Morgentaler concluding that testosterone provides a “happier existence for patients, families, friends, and society as a whole.”