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1 Hour


Neal Rouzier, MD
Faculty Chairman

Thyroid – The Science, The Guidelines, The Medical Boards What You Need to Know!

Speaker Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD will discuss the AACE guidelines and how they are outdated with current science and medical literature • Examine how recent medical boards have punished physicians for not following the AACE guideline and to how best to protect your medical practice in light of this. • Evaluate how the medical literature supports the effectiveness of T3 administration over T4 • Review the research for how T3 lowers cholesterol and improves metabolic parameters better than T4.

Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

1. Review recent rejection of AACE guidelines based on science and medical literature demonstrating that guidelines are unreasonably based on current evidence-based research currently available.

2. Describe why there is unethical punishment by medical boards for not conforming to the absurd guidelines.

3. Review the literature demonstrating that T3 works better than T4, results in symptomatic improvement over T4, lowers cholesterol and metabolic parameters better than T4, yet it is ignored by AACE and ATA.

4. Demonstrate proper documentation on thyroid and testosterone in, order to avoid litigation.