What You Need to Master Before Prescribing Testosterone: Part 7


Dr. Rouzier presents all the studies and literature that you should be aware of and have in your library that demonstrate reduction in CVD, prevention and reversal of diabetes, with the resultant reduction in CVD mortality which statins lack. He provides these papers to all patients with some CVD risk. He also provides these studies for peers or patients that wish to provide them to their PMDs should there ever be an issue with patients or PMDs. All physicians should be aware of this data and information, but he understands that there is no venue for physicians to be introduced to this information unless they are lucky enough to cross the path of WLM. It is Dr. Rouzier’s endeavor to bridge this gap by patiently and empathically providing this literature to his peers as well as his patients that want to appreciate what he is accomplishing by optimizing their hormones. Many peers may reject it, but they are rejecting science.

In addition to providing the literature and papers for you to download, Dr. Rouzier also provides commentary and discussion that helps you better understand the controversies, how to navigate through them, and become confident in your prescribing. Finally, and unfortunately, he will use the medical literature that he has used to defend several cases. The insight and verbiage that he uses for litigation defense will be interspersed in this course. He actually enjoys countering plaintiff’s attorneys and their experts that do not know the literature or have command of the science that demonstrate safety and efficacy of testosterone. However, you must document and that is the one issue where Practitioners fall short. He will include his advice on documentation that must be included in every chart of every patient that you treat. Since most utilize testosterone for off-label use, that discussion should be included.



Upon completion of this workshop, the healthcare professional will be able to:

  1. Recall how low serum testosterone levels are associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease and an increase in mortality.
  2. Develop a library of testosterone studies that can be shared with patients and posted in their charts
  3. Recognize how providing research studies about the benefits of TRT to patients before prescribing testosterone is practicing defensive medicine.


Neal Rouzier, MD

Faculty Chairman


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